About Us:

EGYMAP is leading advertising company in Hurghada. The company was established in May 2008 and is located in Hurghada, Egypt. It is specialized on internet marketing & creating effective marketing tools. One of our unique ideas is building online maps starting with our website www.hurghada.com and soon to follow Sharm El Sheikh, Luxor and Aswan websites. We are continuously developing new and creative solutions to increase the benefits that our clients can receive from internet marketing.

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About Our Website

Hurghada.com website is an introduction to Hurghada city online. Internet, the biggest information tool, is used by tourist before arriving to Hurghada, while being on holiday and locals living here. Hurghada.com website offers two great online services - Interactive Map with panoramic photos and Interactive Directory with all the information & contacts one needs.

The Interactive Map consists of more than 800 various locations around Hurghada city, photographed in 360° panoramic photos. Each point on the Map is active; by clicking on the point you will enter the location and see the photos and description of the area. You can also go inside hotels, restaurants, excursions, shops or other businesses registered and find out about their services and offers.

Hurghada.com is a virtual city tour from your desktop! Hurghada Interactive Directory lists all the businesses operating in the city. You can easily find any business category and see the listing of all providers and contacts in that field. All registered businesses are connected to their location on Interactive Map. With the Interactive Directory you will find easy and fast whatever you need.

Hurghada.com offers a great opportunity for all business owners to advertise their services online. Hurghada.com is the first search result in search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and is visited daily by people coming to or living in Hurghada. Make yourself visible and visited through this popular website!